Apparel POS

Fashion industry is a huge global industry worth about 3 trillion dollar. As all fashion businesses, you want to sustain your share. The thing that you should do is keep the hottest, unique and stylish clothes with premium or special offers for your customers. Simpos will serve you to keep your supremacy in the fashion sector with the best tools.

Apparel POS system of Simpos is for every type of clothing store, shoes, underclothes, custom production clothes, handbags, outerwear and etc. You can have the control of your customize POS system.

Retail pos

A clothing store POS solution for fashionable merchants

Stock the most desirable styles

Simpos can help you manage your clothes business inventory regardless of the season or time of year. Our variation management features make it simple to add and track multiple sizes and colours, allowing you to stock and sell your greatest items both in-store and online.

Increase customer relationships

Maintain a consistent flow of repeat traffic and business. Simpos has built-in loyalty and customer management capabilities, allowing you to collect shopper information and deliver appropriate customer messages based on their purchase history.

Enhancing store traffic and conversions

Simpos can helps you in increasing conversions and transaction values. You may give your consumers extra reasons to buy from you by including options like discounts, gift cards, and alternative payments.